"Get the vibe. A stellar year for the capital". Which is the subject of this title? Do we have any idea about the specificity of this very statement? Of course, not! A map?

The general information is due to the average of the image. A city, its definition. A very general one. But we are generous and we want to give you another tassel of this little puzzle.

A road map for your future journey: It's a charming city. Now is clear, isn't it? What are you saying? Is not? Beg your pardon, we'll try to do better.

Let see... "brightly, coloured, beautiful preserved medieval architecture". Almost you can take off New York to the list... The magazine where we found this information is a shopping guide.

We're landing in 18 minutes: start to see the geography of this new territory: landmarks, fields, stones, lights and structures. An extensive series of **

"Learning from**" by Cluster Theory