Elvira Vannini is a curator and obtained a PhD Degree in Contemporary Art in the 2009 about the relationship between art and activism. In review, the theme of research regards the chaotic display in terms of a global perspective of contemporary art and the formula of the “exhibition as state of agitation” beginning with the activism scene. She has investigated the display of art like a political event, to Sixties from today, but also to point out a current perspective on the relationship between artistic production, knowledge and political imagination. Now she is teaching in NABA and in IULM. Research interests vary from interdisciplinary analyses of contemporary visual arts and art theory to curatorial studies and political transformations. The issues about artistic strategies in politics and political strategies touch one of the central themes of my current inquiry, invarious ways. She is not a theorist, but as a curator she has a direct relationship with emerging forms. She is particularly interested in the alliance between artistic practices and activism as cultural resistance, and in a mobilization that redraws the boundary between aesthetic and political action.