Three main areas of investigation, starting from a deep knowledge of the materials available on site: the city of Ferrara, Antonioni's archives and the exhibition dedicated to him at the Palazzo dei Diamanti. The workshop focuses on the exploration of the urban area trying to perceive it - like a promenade situationniste - through a complex mapping system .

Overset the clich├ęs related to the historical city in order to formulate an approach to landscape understood as a device for the meeting of cultures. Participants will be encouraged to use tools related to contemporary artistic practices in order to return to a path of public readings of the territory through the use of references from Antonioni landscape.

Through different devices investigation will use, more specifically, communication methods helping to revitalize the area. Referring to the typical tools of guerrilla marketing and viral communication workshop participants will explore the territory and design a system for the promotion of environments both trivial and